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Dolce Vita -Designs more than shoes, they help design a better future!

Shop Dolce Vita, their eye catching, on-trend sandals, sneakers, boots, heels, and more and take your look to the next level. Dolce Vita shoes are always genuine leather.  Their message as a brand is bigger than shoes though. It's about standing with our community, supporting underrepresented. voices, and. responsibly running a brand that they are proud of every step of the. way! When you wear Dolce Vita you are wearing a shoe brand that pledges to honor and support women in all ways, pledges to grow and support diversity and inclusivity, and pledges to become a more sustainable. and socially responsible version of the brand for our planet.  They believe in designing more than shoes, Dolce Vita is designing a better future for you as the customer.

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