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Pretty Simple

Pretty Simple began in 2014 when Leah had a shift in priorities. As a breast cancer survivor, and mom to a recently diagnosed Type 1 Diabetic, she decided life is simply too short to not be around for it. Beyond what you see on this site, PS is more than something you wear. It comes from within. It is living with purpose. Believing in your dream, and having the courage to go for it.

When you shop with Pretty Simple you are not only supporting a small business, but the type 1 diabetes community. A portion of all sales is donated back to t1 non profits like JDRF and T1 International! On behalf of our family, we thank you! We are honored to have your support.

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  2. Gracie Quilted Hobo Bag - Black
  3. Kennedy Stripe Scarf - Navy/Red/Green
  4. Kennedy Stripe Scarf - Charcoal/Red/Green
  5. Gracie Quilted Hobo Bag - Green
  6. Sale
  7. Gracie Quilted Hobo Bag - Teal
  8. Willow Camera Crossbody Bag - Pink
  9. Willow Camera Crossbody Bag - Navy
  10. Willow Camera Crossbody Bag - Cream
  11. Cold Morning Houndstooth Scarf
  12. Sale
  13. Willow Camera Crossbody Bag - Blush
  14. Sylvia Hat - Camel
  15. Sylvia Hat - Black
  16. Willow Camera Crossbody Bag - Red