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The Indoor Grilling Cookbook

  • $15.00

The Williams Sonoma Test Kitchen takes on stove-top and countertop grills with these 28 fast and flavorful recipes, from salads and burgers to grilled fish and desserts—each dish designed to help you make the most of your indoor grill. With this idea-packed cookbook, you’ll be able to enjoy delicious grilled meals any day of the year.

Contemporary indoor grills are durable, easy-to-use, easy-to-maintain, and absorb and retain heat well, qualities that translate to fast, even cooking for everything from meat and poultry to more delicate seafood. Each grill boasts a specially designed cooking surface that means you won’t have to forgo the signature sear marks that characterize the best backyard-grilled burgers and steaks, chops, and sausages.