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Easter From Home!-author Allie Hickam

Easter From Home!-author Allie Hickam

Easter is such a special holiday where we all gather together with family and celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. You may start off your day by going to church and putting on your cute Easter dress, getting together with family, coloring Easter eggs and doing Easter egg hunts, and having an Easter dinner with your family.

However, this year, Easter is going to be much different with the coronavirus pandemic. Since we are all to be social distancing, we won't be able to spend this holiday with all of our family members or be able to attend church like we normally would since we are all told to stay home and not be in large crowds.

So, since we will all be celebrating Easter at home, we have some fun ideas to help you and your family have a wonderful holiday! 

Dress up:

Just because you are spending Easter at home this year, that doesn't mean you can't still put on your cute Easter dress! Get dressed up and enjoy the holiday! After-all, we've all be in our sweats for the last month, so we could all use a day to look cute (am I right)?!

Shop online and use code EASTER25 for 25% off all dresses and rompers April 6-12! Below are some of our favorites to wear at home for your Easter Sunday with your family!

 Orange you Glad Dress

Tea Party Midi Dress

Crowdpleaser Dress

Solstice Dress

Happy Day Romper

Garden Party Romper

And don't forget about all the cute shoes we have to pair with your outfit! Here are some of our top picks to make your Easter look adorable!

Go on Heel

Linx Heel

Zoey Sandal 

Church from home:

Even though we can't physically go to church right now doesn't mean we can't serve God. Most churches are hosting church online. So grab your cup of coffee and snuggle up on your couch and watch church with your family! One church in town is doing a drive in service which is really neat! It's at the Route 66 Drive Inn and you stay in your car and are able to watch church from your car...what a great idea to make your Easter morning one you will never forget! 

Sunshine & Sugar cookies:

If you're like me, sweets are my weakness! I always love bringing iced sugar cookies to any gathering or holiday! One of our Revel girls, Allie, has a small sugar cookie business, Sunshine & Sugar and is making Easter cookies. She is also doing At Home Easter cookie kits, so you can decorate cookies at home with your family this holiday. What's better than coloring Easter eggs...coloring Easter egg cookies!! (Hey it's still an egg shape, so who says you can't eat them for breakfast)?! Since we can't spend this holiday with our elderly family members, drop some festive Easter cookies off on their doorsteps or make an easter basket with candy and cookies inside! I guarantee it will brighten their day and make Easter a little more cheerful for them this year! To place an order, message her on her facebook page.

Easter egg hunt:

I always think this is so fun, especially when you find the golden egg with money inside! This is a perfect activity to do at home while you are in quarantine! Hide easter eggs all over your house (inside and outside to make it more entertaining). Put candy in some and money in a few and see who finds the most eggs! 

Easter basket:

Yes, the Easter bunny is still coming even though he should be staying home. But he has a job to fill! Shop online for all the fun gifts to fill your child's Easter baskets! All the spring colors are so cheerful and make us all happy, so add a little pop of color to their basket with one of our new spring Hydro flasks! Band tees are very in right now, so roll up their shirt with a cute Easter ribbon around it to also add to their basket. We are also spending a lot of alone time right now being in quarantine, so you can't go wrong with some bath accessories like a spongelle, bath bomb, or a bath buffer for the boys! 

Even though Easter isn't going to be "normal" this year, you can still enjoy this special holiday in the comfort of you own home! Enjoy the little things in life with your family like all being around the table together playing games and loving each other. With all the craziness going on in the world right now, we still have each other! We have so much to be thankful for this holiday!! Love one another, pray and enjoy your Easter Sunday! 

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