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Under $50- Revel has all the Must Have looks for a Girl on a Budget!

If you are the girl who wants to wear all the trends but needs to shop within a tight  budget then we have the collection for you.  It is our under $50 tab full of hundreds of items from great basics to layer with and staple items every wardrobe needs to the perfect accessory or trendy dupe that will only be a need this season so why break the bank on that special item.  Most of us can't buy the best of the best for all our items so choose wisely and put money in your defining fashion pieces for each seasons capsule and let this collection fill in the gaps with the extra dabble of "What's Hot this Year" for trends for under $50.  Think budget, amazing deals, trendy for less, or fashion finds for less when you shop this popular collection that is offered 365 days a year at Revel!

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  1. LUX: Veranda 15 oz Candle
  2. LUX: Blue Hydrangea 15 oz Candle
  3. Baby Polkadot Bubble Romper - Black/White
  4. Baby Polkadot Jumpsuit - Red
  5. Baby Bow Tie Jumpsuit
  6. Baby Flutter Romper
  7. Baby Stripe Jumpsuit - Red/Blue
  8. Baby Bubble Set
  9. Baby Multicolor Dress Romper
  10. Baby Sailor Cotton Dress
  11. Baby Lace Romper + Headband
  12. Baby Knit Romper - Off White
  13. True American Baby Overalls
  14. Rodeo Kids Backpack