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Stay Safe/Self Care-author Allie Hickam

Stay Safe/Self Care-author Allie Hickam

We are all experiencing a crazy world right now, but staying safe and heathy is the most important thing! While we continue to practice social distancing and being 6ft apart from people in the grocery store and everywhere else we go, it is important to wear a mask, use hand sanitizer and wash your hands! We now require that customers wear a mask in Revel Boutique to shop, that way we keep ourselves, staff, and you safe and healthy. We also now carry some items that will keep you safe and healthy. These include: masks, hands free door openers, and self care items.

Masks: I never thought in a million years that we would be required to wear masks everywhere we go. I feel like when Covid-19 hit, everyone was wearing just a basic mask and anything they could find, but then all of a sudden, you couldn't find masks anywhere and I mean anywhere!! People started sewing masks and selling them out of their house. Flash forward to today and so many people have on the cutest masks! It's like a fashion statement now and you want your mask to match every outfit haha. Well good news for you because we just got in the cutest masks ever and we even have some for your children! Protect your kiddos and flatten the curve with these fun patterned masks that fully cover the mouth and nose with stretchable elastic ear bands. Or for the adults, we love these animal print and solid patterned masks. Or if you're more into a fun and colorful mask (I'm a very colorful person so I love these) then these are for you! Stay safe, healthy, and stylish in every one of these!

Hands Free Door Openers: Okay, listen up because you are going to want and need one of these! Are you tired of putting on gloves every time you open a door, pump gas in your car, or even enter in your card pin when you're checking out somewhere? Then you are going to love these hands free door openers! Look how cute they are! We are all obsessed with these at Revel and know you will be too! You can pull and push doors open, and the tip is for punching in your pin code! There are so many fun patterns to choose from, and the best part?! They hook perfect on your Big O Key Ring so they are always attached to your key chain! Say goodbye to gloves and hello to Hands-free door openers!

Self Care: I am all about self care these days and staying healthy. I know during quarantine, I loved going days without makeup and doing face masks at home! We are now carrying a new line called Kitsch and it's all self care products so you can feel pampered! Below are just a few of the products that we have, but you can check everything out in store or online!

I love satin pillowcases because they protect your skin from getting wrinkles they are amazing for your hair when you are sleeping because it causes less breakage and these come with a matching eye mask!

I always like a nice hand band to keep my hair pulled back when I'm doing a face mask or even putting on my makeup. These hand bands help your hair dry quicker and there is even a little slit in the back so your ponytail can go through! 


Who else lovesssss to travel a lot but always feel like they take way too much cosmetics? I feel this way all the time and it makes my suitcase heavier. With this new ultimate travel set, you can take less cosmetics and take more clothes! Yay, yay! These are the perfect travel size for your shampoo, conditioner, etc. It comes with literally everything you need. This includes: 1 spray bottle, 2 pump bottles, 2 mini jars, 3 flat pouch bottles, 1 mini funnel, 1 mini spatula, and 1 mini pipette. Seriously, what more could you need!? And the best part of this product? It meets TSA carry-on liquid requirements! Happy travels beautiful! 

Do you struggle with your hair breaking and getting split ends every now and then? This microfiber hair towel is a game changer! These cause way less split ends than your normal towel will and they come in so many cute patterns! And they are not as bulky as your normal towel since it is just for your hair, so it feels weightless and will dry your hair much quicker! Happy hair, happy life, right?!

Now you are all set for staying safe and healthy all while looking good doing it! Woohoo! Have a beautiful day! 

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