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back to school shopping list

back to school shopping list

unfortunately back to school season is upon now. it's hard to switch into fall mode when it's 100 degrees out on any given day. school dress codes are here and they're ready to make your girls SWEAT. The struggle of finding something that meets dress code and will keep you looking and feeling cool is about to become nonexistent because we wrote your back to school shopping list for you. 

  • oversized graphic tees

    this one's a total no-brainer, aside from the first day of school, you'll be lucky to wake up more than 20 minutes before you have to leave, so a large supply of graphic tees will be essential. tie them over dresses, wear them with jeans, skirts or your bell bottoms! obviously a large tee arsenal is N E C E S S A R Y for everyone's fave guilty pleasure outfit: a funny graphic tee, leggings and chunky sneakers. 
    speaking of chunky sneakers, it leads perfectly into our next trend...
  • chunky sneakers

    chunky sneakers are by far my favorite trend of the past year and they just keep getting better. from the original solid color chunky sneaker to the fun steve madden-esque animal print and color blocked sneaks, it's hard to pick a favorite. they're perfect for dressing down your favorite dresses for a school day too. 
  • midi skirts

    midi skirts are an easy way to make your outfits stand out in a sea of boring jeans. pair them with your favorite tees or dress them up with a bodysuit and a denim jacket. they're also perfect when it's still a million degrees out and denim is just too heavy because midi skirts tend to be made of a super breathable fabric and aren't going to make you sweat a ton during your school day. we L O V E a dress code compliant skirt! 
  • bell bottoms

    while jeans are still a stretch in that hot august weather, bell bottoms are the best possible option because they won't cling to your entire leg. they're also super trendy and perfect for that on-point first day of school look. pair them with your favorite graphic tees, bodysuits, or blouses because whatever your school style is a bell bottom will be a perfect match.
  • animal prints

    no matter your favorite thing to wear is, you'll be able to find an animal print item you love this season. it's an easy way to be on trend. whether you're the type to put together a cute dress for your school day or you just want to put on a cozy pullover, there's an animal print version avalaible to keep you on trend no matter what. 
  • statement earrings

    with dress code, you can't do a fun hat but you CAN do a statement earring. it's a fun way to add a pop of color or dress up your basic jeans and a tee outfit. these are also going to be PERFECT when homecoming, winter formal, etc all roll around! whether you're more of a leather earring girl or a big beadwork kind of gal, there's a little something for everyone. 

if back to school shopping is still overwhelming even with this list, we've started offering personal styling too! feel free to call/message/DM us to book an appointment with any of our shopgirls!

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