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ballin' on a budget: your guide to finding this summer's cutest trends for less

ballin' on a budget: your guide to finding this summer's cutest trends for less

i hate spending money there's just something in me that hates it but then a trend pops up and i throw it out the window and find myself wanting to spend over a hundred dollars on a trend piece just so i'm included, but i L O V E a look for less. anything that looks more expensive than it actually was is a yes in my book. luckily revel has tons of looks for less which is great for girls like us who are balling on a budget. 

first up is my favorite sneaker of all time, the walk it out tennis shoe, inspired by the golden goose superstar. the golden goose one so insanely cute and so insanely expensive. i'm not afraid of a moderately priced sneaker but i'm not going to lie to you, the $480 minimum did strike fear into my wallet. luckily we just stocked the worlds best dupe in four colors so far. i snatched a gold pair as soon as they arrived and i wish i was kidding when i say that i wear them every single day. they're perfect with dresses, shorts, and jeans aka your entire wardrobe. 

then on the jewelry front, we've got a couple dupes that hold up even when held up next to the real thing. these david yurman lookalike bracelets stack super well together and mix well with all of our budhagirl bangles and beljoy pieces. 

on a different note, stackable rings are all the rage right now and we have some cartier dupes that are perfect to add to your repertoire. we sell our lookalikes for just $18 and they are amazing. i know you aren't supposed to get jewelry wet but i've showered in mine and it literally still looks pristine and hasn't changed colors at all.

calling any and all former fans of the hills...kristen cavallari has been up to something and creating some really cute jewelry at her new store, uncommon james which provided us with some major inspiration this spring. check out these cute earrings side by side.
a quick jewelry psa all of these cute pieces are bogo half off in-store but aren't avaliable online, feel free to dm us or comment below for us to help you make an order for anything you see!

now onto hats, we're some big hat people around here both figuratively and literally. so the lack of color style hat trend is e v e r y t h i n g. they're the perfect way to make not washing your hair look stylish and intentional. not to mention the fact that they can easily elevate any look from a t-shirt tucked into jeans or even a casual dress. the revel dupes save you about a hundred bucks too so what more could you want?

we love denim of all kinds here at revel and we especially love a denim skirt especially when it saves you money while looking just as good as the inspo pic... check these two out.
this blanknyc skirt is available at REVOLVE for $98 and we love the asymmetrical cut but we hate the price tag. that's where we come in, we have a similar skirt in the same wash with a similar cut for just $42 - less than half!! plus ours features a cute touch of distressing too.

the next skirt is also from REVOLVE and it's regularly $158 for that cute skirt with the zipper detail and i'm not making this up, we're selling a similar one for only $38! honestly, i like ours better since it has a button detail at the top in addition to the contrast exposed zipper. the medium wash on ours feels more versatile too but maybe i'm biased. either way, we love that our dupe is literally $120 cheaper and comparable quality.

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