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your guide to shopping for the man that has everything this fathers day

your guide to shopping for the man that has everything this fathers day

it goes without saying... dads are the absolute worst to shop for, but you can't get them just a gift card to Lowe's or something because that's YOUR dad and they do so much for you. you want to get them something tangible and cool so that way they'll show it off to their friends and it will feel like at least a little token of your appreciation that you put some thought into... that's where we come in. gifting is kind of our thing. so here's some of the best dad gifts that he'll actually use and LIKE.

  • chacos
    it doesn't matter what your dad is into, he probably has a pair of ratty old sandals that he wears to the lake or when he's chilling outside. give your dad at least a little street cred this year and grab him some chacos. they'll have all the support he's looking for and will be just as comfortable as those sandals he's had forever. 
    there's three options for guys to pick from. 
    one) the men's z/cloud 2 in solid black

    thinner straps and a crazy comfortable footbed - it's what chaco dreams are made of!
    two) men's z1 classic in split gray

    all the comfort, none of the toe strap!! trust me, don't get the toe strap unless he explicitly asks for it. 
    three) men's z1 classic in black

    the classic of all classics, this plain black chaco will match everything in your dad's closet and doesn't have the dreaded toe strap.
  • eno hammocks

    every couple of weeks, my dad comes to visit me at work, brings me lunch, gives me a hard time, you know dad stuff and without fail he always wanders over to the eno display and just stares at it for i kid you not like ten minutes. if i was a better daughter i'd have bought one for him months ago, but hey when there's only one gift idea for the guy that has everything, you wait until father's day. now onto actual specs for the hammock... so we sell the eno doublenest hammock, it's two feet wider than the single and allows for up to 400 lbs. it's perfect for the outdoorsy dad that just wants to chill out on his weekend after he mows the yard. we also have the atlas straps to easily hang your hammock securely. if you're feeling real fancy or he already has the rest of the eno collection, grab the eno hammock light kit to finish it out. perfect for dad's who want to be in nature but also want to just sit outside drinking their beer at night.
  • swell bottles

    now if your dad is more of a gymrat than one with nature, he NEEDS a swell bottle. it'll keep his water ice cold through his whole workout and the whole day after! personally my favorite part of swell is that it's triple walled so there's n e v e r  a gross layer of condensation all over the outside. whether he's more of a 17 oz guy or a 25 oz guy, there's plenty of options! grab him a sport cap too - the flip cap makes getting your 8 glasses of water in for the day almost too easy.
  • patagonia

    if you're really wanting to spoil your dad this father's day, some patagonia gear is the way to go. whether he's more of a golf dad, hunting dad, or casual play-catch-in-the-yard dad, our summer patagonia will have something he'd love. any dad would love some baggies - check out the linen ones too or they'd love one of the new polos and they're so cute it'll become everyone's favorite shirt. can't decide? grab him one of the new tees - perfect for summer and no one's ever turned down a good t-shirt!

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