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taking it to the streets: celeb style for the regular girl

taking it to the streets: celeb style for the regular girl

celebrity style is something typically out of reach for your regular person. like if i showed up to prom in a meat covered dress, it wouldn't have been considered high fashion and cool, i would've been considered a weirdo and probably told i smell bad. it's fine i'm over it, but you guys get what i mean. it's easy to get in our own heads about how a trend can look so cool on your favorite actress but when you try it on, you feel like it somehow looks like it's "too much". i'm all about taking a celeb trend and trying to make feel real and doable for myself so here are my favorite trends for this summer made ready and easy for regular girls like us!

  • bike shorts

    -------Gigi Hadid, Kourtney Kardashian, Hailey Bieber, Kaia Gerber, and Emily Ratakowski AND our cutie shopgirl Chloe at the Flyover in KC.
    this trend really started up last summer or so and i hated it. it reminded me of well... just weird shorts or even like a spandex bermuda and honestly like it seemed like girls were flaunting that they could make EVEN bike shorts and chunky sneakers look cool and now suddenly, i can't stop thinking of different ways to wear them so i am proud to be the first to say: WE NOW HAVE BIKE SHORTS. the best look I've ever seen wearing them came from one of my favorite bloggers who wore a plain black tube top, black bike shorts and put a long blazer on over it with some chunky white sneakers. it was the ultimate athleisure look. i also love the idea of pairing them with an oversized tee and a jean jacket to make it even more casual. i've seen them with tube tops and combat boots, they're becoming more and more versatile every time I think about them. 
  • chunky sneakers

    speaking of chunky sneakers and flaunting that you can make weird things look cool, i'm a big CHUNKY sneaker girl. i love sneakers like i will get every sneaker that has ever existed and the chunky fun patterned ones are no exception. pair them with bike shorts, dresses, regular shorts, joggers, whatever your heart desires. they're only awkward to style if you make it awkward.
  • hats! hats! hats!

    from bucket hats to raffia hats to just ballcaps, hats are everywhere all the time. i can't pick a favorite but we have dupes for every expensive style you've seen in your favorite celebs feed. honestly my favorite find is that we had just ordered this semi-distressed raffia beach hat and then I got home from work and checked insta (obviously) and saw Kendall Jenner post a picture of her and a fellow model in matching ones! it was so serendipitous and amazing. pair your favorite raffia hat with your swimsuit for a beach day, protect your skin in style. my other favorite easy hat trend is the casual ballcaps. i don't even know if it counts as a trend anymore or if it's a staple but we've stocked up on a ton. from plaids to our artisan NASH hats with our fave area codes and states on them, you're sure to find a good hat to toss on during your second/third/fourth day hair days (we don't judge!) or something to add a little umph to your next outfit.
  • casual suits

    we love a power move here at revel and nothing is a bigger fashion power move than a power suit. celebs have been donning their favorites suits literally just to get coffee because they're "very important people doing important things" or maybe it's because they just look cool and makes them look super important. anyway, you too can be super important and give off the "i'm too important for this" look anytime with a casual suit. my personal favorite way to wear this trend is with our long blazer and matching short combo with a cute graphic tee underneath. i'm a wimp when it comes to weather so any way to follow a trend while still being weather appropriate in these crazy hot summer months is a YES from me. this little number comes in black, white, and pink. we've also stocked up on blazer whether you want a more interesting piece like our spring fever blazer or a staple like this navy and white number from one of our favorite brands, we've got your back. 

so here's your chance, stock up and steal your favorite celeb's style, we promise we won't tell. ;-)

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