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'tis the season...

'tis the season...

i know that christmas is the real gifting season but have you ever realize just how many gifts there are to give at the end of the year? between wedding season, graduations, Mother's Day, and end of the school year gifts for teachers, it can be hard to pick out a good gift six times in a row. we're here to help your gifting brain take a little break. pick out your occasion and let us do the rest!

Mother's Day
- Big O Key Rings
these key rings are literally life changing. they're the perfect gift for the mom on the go since you can just slide your keys on and go! The purpose of the company is to give women an extra hand since they're filled constantly with so many responsibilities. Personally I have the Luxe Big O in the color Rose Gold Croc which I LOVE. I get so many compliments on it and it coordinates well with my outfits. I've given what seems like every color of the silicone Big O as a gift to my mom, my sister, my best friends and they all love them. They also recently came out with a marble collection which is perfect to keep the silicone pricing but add a more fun pop of color than the solids do!

- Kavu Sling Bags
These bags!! they're perfect for the mom who needs to be handsfree but also has a ton of stuff to carry! carrying a purse sometimes isn't practical when you're wrangling little ones but this bag goes across your back so you can just put it on and nearly forget it's there! It zips all the way across you don't have to worry about things falling out. it's perfect for any and all vacations whether you're going from coast to coast or just to Silver Dollar City with the kiddos. There's tons of different styles and sizes too so don't forget to check them all out!

- Spongelle 
these loofahs are total game changers. they have soap built-in and they retain the fragrance for so long!! once it's wet it changes from basically an exfoliator texture to a super soft sponge. they're available in seven different scents so be sure to smell them all when you're in stores!

- Bling Brushes
these brushes are game changers - forget taking your ring to the jewelers for a cleaning and paying insane prices when you get a bling brush. it'll erase buildup from lotion, hairspray and makeup that dulls jewelry over times. AND you're guaranteed at least 100 uses out of it! it's the perfect gift for your mom who doesn't have time to take her ring to a pro or for that newly engaged or married girl you know!

-Patagonia Black Hole Duffels
These duffels are the perfect gift for your grad. They're easy to carry and the perfect size for when they just need to load up for a weekend home or a quick trip at home! Pick the best size for your graduate and then watch as they pack into itself with the internal compression option so it doesn't hog that valuable dorm room space! 

- Chacos
Chacos may not be your kid's style right now, but the second that graduate hits a college campus... they're going to need some Chacos. Especially when it's still crazy hot outside. As a girl who had to walk Mizzou's giant campus in 100 degree whether, trust me when I say that I never wore my Chacos more than when I started college. I would wear them casually but I got my money's worth once the fall semester started. That footbed is MADE for college kids who walk a mile to class.

- Swell
Swells are perfect for the guy or gal on the go... or the kid that scheduled an 8 am class without realizing it was at 8 am. We have super cute sport bottles for both guys and girls if they're the more athletic type and then we have a ton of BRAND NEW commuters and travelers for the coffee drinkers too! I LOVE my swell bottle for the gym and plan on grabbing a commuter for early work mornings too! Personally my favorite part of swell products is that they're triple walled so they don't get condensation on the outside or if you put something hot on the outside you can't feel it in your hands! Plus they keep your drinks hot for 6 hours and cold for 24, what more could you want?

- Corkcicle
The end of the school year is coming up fast and that means it's time to show your appreciation for your student's teachers whether you're just grateful that your kiddo passed or that they've come to love your child as their own. Corkcicles are a crowd fave instantly. We just got in the new Color Block collection along with the Collegiate, Dipped and Regatta collection. They're all so cute. Personally I am obsessed with the Black and White Color Block but you can't go wrong with any of the choices. They're triple insulated and have a slip-proof bottom for if the classroom gets a little wild! ;-) Don't these Regatta tumblers scream summer too? 


One final thing that would be perfect not matter the occasion are our Lucky Feather necklaces. They're perfect on trend pieces on cute little cards with a play on words about teaching, graduating or even mother's day. My personal favorite teacher one that could honestly go to anyone has got to be the "thank you for the pearls of wisdom". Too cute and the perfect layering necklaces too!

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