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turning spring cleaning into a spring money maker

turning spring cleaning into a spring money maker

spring is finally in full bloom here in Missouri - we've only waited a million years you know.
the easiest way to move on from the winter blues is by freshening up your room, your closet, your everything. when allergies are killing you and you absolutely need to stay inside, cleaning out your closet is the best way to be productive and potentially earn some extra income!

we went over how to clean your closet out back in january but if you need a refresher here's a link to that blog post! now onto the important stuff, how to make money off of cleaning out your old clothes.

1) make an insta for your closet cleanout

you don't want to flood your personal page with stories that will a) disappear in 24 hours and not get seen OR b) bug your followers into unfollowing you because you've posted so much. your best bet is making an instagram exclusively for selling your closet rejects! 

be sure to promote it on your instagram story so people know it exists but don't post actual products for sale on your real insta.

2) take quality, cute pictures of the clothes you're selling

think about what makes you want to buy something. it looks cute either on the hanger or on the model online. you don't want to post a photo with the shirt just tossed on the ground wrinkled up, no one will buy that from you! use a picture with it on you or well steamed and nicely hung to make it look appealing. 

3) be descriptive 

tell people if you loved that shirt, if those joggers are super soft or if they've only been worn once or twice. the more descriptive you are the more people will be interested in the item. your personal testimony could be what sells it! 
be sure to put it it's new with the tags still on, if you only wore it like once or something else that indicates the item is basically brand new, you'll be able to justify a higher price point too. $50 for brand new sneakers that wore only worn once it much more understandable than $50 for sneakers that you wore everyday for six months before you decided you hated them!

4) be flexible with your shoppers when it comes to pick ups and/or shipping
keep in mind, you're doing this to make room in YOUR closet. technically these people are doing you a favor by paying for things you'd either keep and never wear or would donate for nothing anyway. If that girls lives an hour away, offer to ship it for a low cost or hold it until you're in her neck of the woods again. being flexible won't hurt you as long as you know your buyers!

If you decide to clean out your closet and make some money off of it, let us know in the comments!

happy spring and happy selling! 


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