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  • turning spring cleaning into a spring money maker

    spring is finally in full bloom here in Missouri - we've only waited a million years you know.the easiest way to move on from the winter blues is by freshening up your room, your closet, your everything. when allergies are killing you and you absolutely need to stay inside, cleaning out your clos... View Post
  • subtle style ways to show spring has sprung

    it's that time of year again... you know when it's really cold in the morning and then a beautiful 70-80 degrees in the afternoon before it's nearly freezing again by 8 pm so it's hard to look like it's spring without being freezing half the day. I've been looking for subtle ways to show I do kno... View Post
  • spring break packing guide

    It happens every year. Spring break rolls around, or more accurately, the night before spring break rolls around and I'm 0% packed with less than 4 hours before we leave. Doesn't matter where we're going or how excited I am. I've decided I'm going to beat it this year and pack in advance. Hopeful... View Post