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spring break packing guide

spring break packing guide

It happens every year. Spring break rolls around, or more accurately, the night before spring break rolls around and I'm 0% packed with less than 4 hours before we leave. Doesn't matter where we're going or how excited I am. I've decided I'm going to beat it this year and pack in advance. Hopefully. But even if I do, I always end up forgetting things that should be a "no duh you should've packed those" item. 

So in order to save you guys, here's my ultimate most forgotten and most needed spring break packing list

  • Swim coverups, I always forget these every time and end up having to just toss on a t-shirt and then it ends up looking awful once I have to put it back on over my swimsuit after a long day at the beach. (Speaking of long days at the beach, have you SEEN Revel's new swimwear?? Cutest swim I've seen all year!!)
  • Sunscreen AND aloe vera - maybe you're more responsible than I am and remember to put sunscreen on more than once a day and won't need aloe vera. But honestly I forget every time I'm at the beach that sunscreen needs to go on every few hours and end up with a crazy painful burn at least once every summer. 
  • Camera charger - imagine this you're on vacation taking really cute pictures with your family or your best friends and the dreaded low battery warning pops up and you realize you don't have the charger with you. That's the end of your really nice spring break pictures. Pack the charger. Don't forget your phone charger while you're at it. 
  • An extra outfit - I know I'm starting to sound like sunscreen, dead electronics doomsaday but having an extra outfit is key. Whether it's just that you put one outfit on and you hate it or you get a sunburn and can't bear to have straps touching you or you spill sauce all down your shirt, it's better to be prepared for the worst case scenario than stuck in an outfit you hate or is covered in pizza sauce. 
  • Toiletries - I know they're boring and most hotels or even airBnBs will provide basic provisions but you don't want to run out of the tiny sample bottles or try something new on your hair and have it look bad. If possible, bring your own shampoo and conditioner. It's worth it.

And if you need one final packing trick, write it down by the day. I always break the day into Day and Night if I need two outfits or if it's a more active day so I know exactly what I'll need and have a plan. Here's a quick little example!

Normally I get even more specific as far as listing exactly what "cute dress" or "platform" I'm talking about so I know if a piece is in multiple spots and I don't freak out looking for something I already packed. 

Happy spring break!! Let us know where you're traveling to in the comments below!


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