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it's shoe o'clock somewhere

it's shoe o'clock somewhere

and somewhere is here and shoe o'clock is all the time!!

My favorite billboard I've ever seen is pure black and in white letters it says "shoes make me happy. I'm superficial. Whatever." I love it mostly because it's true. Shoes make me really happy. They're that piece that elevates your entire outfit. You could be wearing a $2 shirt and $10 jeans but with a really nice well made pair of shoes your entire outfit could look like a million bucks. 

We've gotten so many spring shoes in. I can't pick a favorite so here's my top five.

1) The Matisse Runaway Platform

Okay I lied. I do have a favorite. It's these. They come in tan, leopard and now in white. They match everything and they are the most comfortable shoe I've worn in my entire life. I wear these almost every single day. The price is a little steep but you will for sure get your money's worth out of them. I think I've worn them 4/7 days of the week every week since I got them. If you don't believe my obsession, believe Heather's. Heather has eight colors. She routinely has to talk herself out of getting the new leopard pair because she has the old leopard pattern from a few years ago. This is IT, chief. 

2) The Ally Braided Mule

I think this shoe is so cute. It has different colors of braided wicker looking fabric. It's the perfect spring shoe to pair with jeans and a cute top! They're so comfortable too and actually stay on. No more awkwardly trying to keep it from sliding off your foot!

3) The Harlan Sneaker

We carried the Harlan sneaker is a taupe color before and I loved it. It was so cute and for sure a storewide fave. We sold out way quicker than anticipated and that's why when we saw the new spring colors we made sure to pick them up. Right now we have them in cognac and black snake. They're perfect to give your casual looks an edge.

4) The Topic Platform

We had the Topic last year and they basically immediately sold out. They're so so cute. They are an espadrille look and can be styled perfectly for whatever you've got planned this spring and summer. Got a concert at the AMP? Topic sandals. A spring wedding? Topic sandals. Dinner with your girls? Topic sandals. Date night? Topic sandals. 

5) The Street Chic Platform Sneaker

I'm OBSESSED with this. We've already restocked these once and we've had them a max of 3 weeks. They're so cute and versatile. Leopard, snake or black snake, we've got the animal print sneaker you NEED. They're so easy to just slide on and immediately look like you're trying way harder than you are. 

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