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Crops and flares and moms! Oh my! - your ultimate 2019 jean guide

Crops and flares and moms! Oh my! - your ultimate 2019 jean guide

I'm not saying you have to throw your skinny jeans out but......... you're gonna want to throw out your skinny jeans. One thing we noticed at market is that we couldn't find hardly any just basic skinny jeans. The ones we could find were crazy funky which was fun but we know some people love their normal jeans and aren't ready to take the plunge into crazy denim yet. With all the new styles what we really needed was a denim guide so we're making our own. 

1) Flares

Flares and bells are something we've kept at the store for awhile. Mostly just basic denim washes, but I'm not kidding when I say we saw some fun flares in Vegas that we couldn't come back without. Stars and stripes and colored denim!! Flares aren't only a tall girl's game, short girls just need to get theirs hemmed and they're ready to pull it off too!!

Personally my favorite way to style a flare is with something either a little cropped or a little tighter so that way there's even more of a contrast with the giant bells at the bottom. Shoewise...platforms or a fun bootie is typically your best bet so your jeans are damaged from getting stuck on the ground. 

2) Boyfriend/Mom jeans

I'm a big real denim kind of girl. Like I don't want my jeans to feel elastic-y, I want them to feel like true rigid denim which brings me to mom and boyfriend jeans. They're a looser fit since they aren't made out of a jegging material. Boyfriend/Girlfriend jeans aren't really tight anywhere, they're a super relaxed fit while mom jeans are tighter around your waist and then get looser before they crop at your ankle. They're typically both viewed as more a throwback style because who doesn't see mom jeans and immediately think of 1) acid wash or 2) Rachel Green? 
Don't overthink these! Style them just like you'd style a skinny jean. Throw on a graphic tee, cardigan, sweater... they're just like the jeans you've been wearing but looser! Shoewise, if they're cropped do a fun sandal with a strap detail or just sneakers.

3) Cropped

Cropped everything was everywhere! Perfect for tall girls who can't ever find jeans that are the right length because if they're an inch or two shy of your ankle, you're ~trendy~ and not made of awkward giraffe legs (me). Let's get one thing straight: cropped jeans are different than capris. Instead of being a midcalf length, a crop will be maybe an inch above your ankle. 

Cropped wide legs are my favorite and most adventurous fit. I picked up my first pair last summer and got so many compliments on them. I will say that style IS a tall girls game, but there's a similar style that's better for girls that don't have height on their side. 

Cropped flares where it's still tight on your leg until the calf are better for girls with less height. They're a bit less overwhelming and an easier segway into funky fits! 

Then there's cropped skinnies but they're the same old skinny jeans you've loved just a little bit shorter!

4) Detailed

Okay so I know we said we couldn't really find any basic skinnies and that's true but we did find skinnies for you guys. They're just like our classic skinny jeans are going through a rebellious phase. They're all belted or have a seam going down the front middle of the pant leg, or have slits at the hem or have patches or the top of them is black even though the rest of the jean is totally normal. We're unsure if it's just a phase they're going through but normal denim is anything but normal right now. 

Rather than tell our rebellious teenage denim daughter to calm down and end this phase, we're embracing it. They're cool, they're hip, they're trendy and we're loving it. Grab some funky jeans, some party pants, whatever you want to call them and get to stylin'!

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