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how to style wide leg cropped pants

how to style wide leg cropped pants

Here at Revel, we've been stocking up on all the unique jean fits we can. From flares and bells to crops and pants with interesting little twists, we have such a variety that I'm sure you'll be able to pick a favorite. Personally, my favorite is the wide leg cropped pants. They're just cool and different and honestly, I like wearing something I know that most people will refuse to even try on. Ignore the gaucho flashbacks, they're the coolest pants. They're just a little overwhelming to style. 

Now I know what you're thinking... you think that the wide leg crops are a tall girl's game and you're not wrong BUT they're also cute on short girls. Chloe, one of our shopgirls, is only 5 feet tall and she rocks them! Confidence is key always. Don't get intimidated styling them isn't going to be as hard as you think!

1) Pair it with a cute graphic tee and a belt

The graphic tee will really play up the playful side of the crops well and the belt will help add visual interest and be more flattering if you decide to tuck it in or crop the shirt too!

2) Use a cute button down and heels to dress it up

shop chloe's look: top / jeans / shoes 

While the wide leg crops can be playful and fun (honestly I call them my party pants), they can be dressed up. Take any button down and do a french tuck and then add a fun heel. The only caution I would give on this one is that these will always look better with a heel that has ankle strap rather than a classic heel. We have several options from Chloe's striped choice to a cute leopard one and a few simpler options if you want to make a statement with your shoe or your pants instead!

3) Use a bodysuit and fun sneakers to make it a street style look

BIG NEWS! We have bodysuits now and I am OBSESSED. Not kidding. Adding a bodysuit is a great way to transition into spring and summer too. The sneakers just keep it in a more casual territory which is exactly what you'll want to do when you see how fun the stripes on some of these bodysuits are. 

Happy styling and be sure to tag us on our instagram with your cute denim styles @shoprevelboutique and #revelinwhatyoulove

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