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subtle style ways to show spring has sprung

subtle style ways to show spring has sprung

it's that time of year again... you know when it's really cold in the morning and then a beautiful 70-80 degrees in the afternoon before it's nearly freezing again by 8 pm so it's hard to look like it's spring without being freezing half the day. I've been looking for subtle ways to show I do know, love, and am appreciative of this beautiful weather that we've had the other half of the day. whether it's adding a fun hat with my dresses and jackets or swapping out my chunkier winter jewelry for daintier layering necklaces, there's lots of little details that make the transition from winter to spring easy without buying a whole new wardrobe.

1) swap out your chunky jewelry for lighter, dainty pieces
this seems like a nobrainer and I don't even think most of us do it consciously but in the spring and summer we break out our lighter pieces. we change our chunky, statement necklaces for bracelets stacked up our arms and tiny dainty necklaces. it makes sense, we need the big statement pieces to stand out against our sweaters and thicker fabrics. as the weather heats up, a blingy statement necklace doesn't go with the casual style that warm weather ushers in.
we've picked up a ton of lighter jewelry for spring and summer if it seems you lose your jewelry as much as I do.

a) BudhaGirl Bangles - these all weather bangles are the perfect piece to just add a little something to your outfits. whether you're a gold, silver or rose gold kind of girl we've got every color to load up your arm. one thing about this brand is that they're very into ~mindful living~, you put each bangle on with your intentions for the day and take them off each day with what you're grateful for. 

b) Secret Box Jewelry - we found this brand at market and they're quickly becoming my go-to for all things layering jewelry and fun earrings. I LOVE these triangle earrings, they're a fun twist on a hoop. they also have a basic gold or silver hoop if you're wanting to keep it classic.

2) hats! hats! hats! 
a hat is a perfect way to add a fun pop of color or just some interest to an outfit that's otherwise pretty basic. A fitted white tee and boyfriend jeans is cute but it's next level when you add a fun panama hat or a nice felt hat. Even if you're just out running errands, you can add a fun baseball hat without looking too sporty with the fun patterns we've gotten in lately. 

a) wide brim hats - we've gotten a ton of wide brim hats in this spring. whether you're looking for a good lack of color dupe like this one or the perfect sun hat to protect your face while you tan, we've got them all. we have this super cute mustard one. how cute does our marketing director, Kate, look in it on her vacation?

b) ballcaps - there's nothing more casual cool than a ball cap. we've gotten two cute plaid patterns in. they're the perfect neutrals to elevate your casual look. here's one with a cute mesh if you're going to an actual baseball game and need to keep the sweat a minimum in the hot sun and here's one that's pure style. 

3) neckerchiefs on neckerchiefs on neckerchiefs

neckerchiefs, bandanas, hair scarves, whatever you want to call them... they're a hot ticket item! we've gotten tons of brand new spring pastels and summer brights in. i literally want them all I'm not kidding. there's one to match just about any outfit you could put together whether it's formal or super casual. we've even had one of our shopgirls wear one at the beach in her hair! they're probably the most versatile accessory to exist........ever.

  • you can tie them in your hair around a ponytail or a half top knot
  • around your neck western bandana style
  • like an ascot (Daphne from the Mystery Machine vibes)
  • around your hair like a headband
  • tie around your purse handle for a pop of color
  • tie around your waist as a belt
  • tie around your belt loops for a fun piece of visual interest

4) t-shirts
I know tees aren't technically accessories but hear me out... the graphic tee is on a real come up. what used to be cool with leggings and sneakers is now the ultimate layering piece. layer it under a midi dress with a bold pattern, a blazer or tie it over your favorite sundress. spaghetti strap tank dresses are perfect for putting a graphic tee under for a fun pop with the words! graphic tees are now an accessory - spread the word.

5) embracing athleisure again
i know in the winter it feels like we have to bundle up. all. the time. it's the worst. all my favorite clothes go into hiding for boots and sweaters and stuff i love and hate all at once. I love a good sneaker, sandal and of course a good chaco. we got in some super cute Chaco wrist wraps to add a fun athleisure touch to your outfits. grab your favorite casual wear and pick up a wristwrap. the fact that you can even see your wrist is already a spring touch over your winter style and the wristwrap makes it even better.

happy styling and happy spring!! 

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