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New Year, New You, New Style

New Year, New You, New Style

Last year, New Years Eve rolled around and I was celebrating with new friends and having a perfect night, then my ex-boyfriend showed up and offered to take a photo of me and my friends to which I said, "Not this year!"

Not this year.

A New Year tends to draw a line of what you'll tolerate. I drew my line last year at texting my exes, not getting my eyebrows waxed every six weeks and trying to purge my closet regularly. These little steps made me feel slightly better than my 2017 self. So here's some little style resolutions that are easy to keep and will hopefully make your 2019 self better than your 2018 self.

1. Purging your closet

It's easy to get stuck in a rut on what you wear especially when you've got a closetful of clothes staring back at you every morning. Whether it's wearing the same sweater over and over or feeling lost on how to make a cute outfit you've never worn before. Purging clothes you don't wear anymore or have gotten sick of is a near instant cure-all. It's also a good way to pull clothes that are getting frayed or holes in them. You can donate them for an added dose of goodwill in your new year. 

2. Get regular haircuts + waxes

I never feel better than when I have a fresh haircut or eyebrow wax. It's nice to feel a little bit pampered and know you're looking your best. It's also better for your hair and skin to keep it taken care of. Check with your stylist but it's usually best to try and book an appointment every six weeks. 

3. Wash your face every single night

Nothing's worse than waking up on January 1st and starting off the new year with a giant zit on your face. If you aren't already, wash your face every single night. Even if it's just taking your make up off before bed, take care of your skin in the new year. Keep makeup remover wipes on your nightstand if you have to.

4. Leave old style faux pas in 2018

2019 is a new year you should try something new! Whether its trying a trend that you thought was too bold for your area or mixing gold and silver, give something you didn't think was possible for you a try. Wear white after Labor Day, pair black with blue, wear too much animal print. Don't take yourself too serious style-wise this year. Style's supposed to be about expressing yourself and having fun, don't waste time with outdated rules. 

5. Treat yourself once a month

It may not be financially possible for everyone to take a crazy vacation every year or go on a wild shopping spree, but once a month make a concentrated effort to buy something just for you. It doesn't have to be a $1,700 purse but a new sweater or even a cute pair of shoes can be a mood lifter whether you're experiencing the winter blues or summertime sadness. 

What are your 2019 style resolutions?

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