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Holiday Hair + Makeup

Holiday Hair + Makeup

Honestly, winter makes me want to curl up in bed with my dog and watch claymation Christmas movies on Netflix until the weather is at least 65 degrees again, so when I get invited out it takes everything in me to do my hair and makeup and look presentable. Luckily when there's a really cute look that makes me excited, it becomes 100 times easier to get it done. Here's a few cute ideas that hopefully get you gals excited too!

1) Party Ponies

The party ponytail look is perfect for the low maintenance girls out there. It's a much more simple look than most holiday styles. The main trick is trying to get as much volume as possible. It's when you want to curl or tease to your hearts content. It's also easy to personalize a little with braids or other details. A nice added touch is bobby pinning a piece of hair around the ponytail holder to hide it and dress it up a little bit. 

2) Sleek Curls

Normally I'm a beachwave kind of gal, but holiday parties are the perfect excuse to dress up your curls a little with a sleek smooth curl. It's the one hairstyle that makes me give my curling wand a break and pull out a curling iron with a clamp and everything. 

3) Red Lips

Nothing says Christmas glam more than a red lip does. It's the easiest way to add Christmas cheer to your look without pulling out a tacky Christmas sweater. The trick to pulling off the red lip is 1) confidence and 2) finding out whether you need a warm red or one with blue undertones. 

4) Adding a Little Glow

During the holidays, it's so easy to get down on yourself. The sugar from your Christmas cookies is making your skin break out or you're feeling chunky from Thanksgiving, it's okay to need a little pick me up. Sometimes the easiest pick me up is getting a fresh tan with a swipe of bronzer or getting a spray tan. It's hard to feel down when you have a fresh tan. 

5) Holiday Nails

Designing your nails by the season is a tool for the most extra and most planned girls but it's a nice subtle touch to create a little Christmas wherever you go. It's easy to fall into tacky instead of fun and festive so it's better to keep it understated rather than have every nail have a different tiny design on it. 


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