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  • Holiday Hair + Makeup

    Honestly, winter makes me want to curl up in bed with my dog and watch claymation Christmas movies on Netflix until the weather is at least 65 degrees again, so when I get invited out it takes everything in me to do my hair and makeup and look presentable. Luckily when there's a really cute look ... View Post
  • It's All Fun + Games Until Santa Checks the Naughty List: your holiday drink guide

    Happy holidays everyone! I've been described as a little "extra" when it comes to any and all holidays. I plan Halloween costumes in February and start thinking about Christmas gifts in September. There's just a little something special about celebrations in my book, so I'm always looking for ... View Post
  • I'm Serious Clark! This is your Guide to Planning the Perfect Holiday Party!

    Planning parties can be intimidating. When do you send out invites? Who do you invite? What kind of food do you serve? When exactly is it too late to tell everyone never mind and make some pizza rolls and watch Netflix at home instead?  We're here to take the stress out of party planning during... View Post