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Party on TOP! author-Allie Hickam

Party on TOP! author-Allie Hickam

It's almost a new year which means 2020 is almost over!!! If you're thinking what I'm thinking, we are all ready for this year to be over and never come back haha. We are all ready for a fresh start into 2021!! This has been a rough year in very many ways, but it's now time to look forward to new beginnings and hopefully a much better year! 

As we all gatherings, holidays and everything else in between has been so different and we are all getting used to a new normal. With that being said, New Year's Eve will not be what we are used to. Most of us get together and have NYE parties with friend's and family, go out to clubs, go out to a nice dinner, and even travel to a fun destination to celebrate. With COVID still happening, most places are closed unfortunately, so it's time to start thinking about a new tradition for ringing in the new year. 

Even though you may not get to travel or go to a fun club with your friends to pop bubbly, you can still look cute and dressed up at home to watch the ball drop! Some of us like to get super dressed up to celebrate, like wearing dresses, skirts and everything sparkly. But this year, we have decided to do a party on top and casual on bottom. Below are different ideas for you to look cute and fancy on top, all while being comfy wearing jeans or even cute and comfortable pants on bottom. 

Crop Tops/Tanks: These tops are so cute to wear with a fun blazer or jacket and paired with high waisted jeans! We are obsessed with all these basic ribbed cropped tanks to pair 

Fancy Sweatshirts: Want to be cozy but still feel cute? A fancy sweatshirt with jeans and sneakers is the way to go! We love this beaded sweatshirt to keep you feelin' festive all night long! 

Blouses: I love a cute blouse for every occasion and dressing up on top in a fun blouse to ring in the new year is just the way to go! 


Pants: Ok I loveee a cute and comfy pair of pants to make you feel all dressed up while still being cute and cozy! These velvet pants are a showstopper and everyone will wish they had these on! Pair these withe a blazer or a fun blouse! 


Blazer: We all know how fun and trendy blazers are right now! And they look adorable and dressy for sipping on bubbly and blowing your party horn! Blazers look adorable paired with anything and everything! Wear them with a cute crop top or even a basic top with jeans and some fun jewelry! I love this white sequin blazer so much! It really makes you feel all fancy and dressed up for the holidays!


Now you're all set with tons of cute outfit ideas to celebrate 2021! Being home with friends and family is always fun, especially while playing games, drinking champagne, watching the ball drop, and of course a kiss at midnight! This is the year to start new traditions! Cheers to 2021!!!



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