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trend report: holiday edition

trend report: holiday edition

from winter weddings to new years eve and other holiday parties, there's tons of events to dress to impress at. we'd love to show you some fun ideas on how to dress up this holiday season and how to get even more wear out of these pieces by dressing them back down too!

  • slip dresses

    we love a good slip dress! they're perfect to dress up with a fun textured cardigan, statement earring and a heel or bootie! the holiday party version is featured above this and it's so fun whether you're wearing it solo or you're matching with your bestie! pssttt... matching with your bestie is so easy in our celine dress from buddylove! this dress is also perfect for a dressed down holiday look with a fun graphic tied over it and your favorite sneakers!
  • fun minis

    have we told you about our newest obsession? it's mini skirts paired with our new krafty boot from chinese laundry. dress up this dynamic duo by grabbing a fun bodysuit or sweater and a statement earring. steal shopgirl gracie's dressed down look by tossing on your favorite band tee and an oversized denim jacket. we are obsessed with this old gold mini skirt paired with a good sandal like our staff/owner/customer fave, the runaway platform. 
  • bodysuits

    speaking of things that pair well with that skirt, a fun bodysuit would be the ultimate addition to your holiday wardrobe. the options with these are limitless. pair them with your bellbottoms, skirts or even a nice dress pant. these bodysuits are the perfect thing to get for the holidays because they'll have a long period to wear again outside of this season too! imagine how cute the melissa bodysuit will be at the office but how you can undo the snap and it'll be perfect for happy hour after!
  • velvet

    velvet is back in a major way this season and we aren't mad about it! karlie continually has provided us with great velvet pieces this season including these two stunners to get us through the holidays. we love this fun pink top paired with our fun pleat party pants to dress it up for a party. it's also super cute paired with a fun blazer and jeans for a more casual take! that same print is available in the double take dress pictured above in a gorgeous marigold color. this dress is THE dress for all your winter weddings and would be beautiful to carry into spring and fall with the gorgeous colors it's available in.
  • all that glitters

    all that glitters isn't always gold... sometimes it's leopard print and sometimes it's the whole rainbow. no matter your shimmery and shiny preferences, there's sure to be something to please you this season. we're OBSESSED with all of these options. the santa fe dress is the ultimate bright glittery option this season and that robe look is super on trend. meanwhile we can't pick a favorite between all our golden options. current air came out a gorgeous maxi that looks like a literal liquid gold when you're wearing it... perfect for new years. katy and paige are in love with the fun metallic zebra print from karlie that comes in both a dress and a bodysuit. plus no joke, we can't stop staring at the leopard print sequin option from buddylove like... how! cute! is! that!
  • must have lbds

    not necessarily a trend but a necessity nonetheless is a good little black dress. buddylove came out with some great options to keep you on trend but give you limitless options this season. we'll break down the differences between the two here because black and gold is basically all they have in common deep down...
    the ella has a short sleeve and is a shorter dress lengthwise. it features a sheer sleeve, but is fully lined in all the right places. they both feature a clasp to adjust the neckline between open and a closed v. the miley features a full length sleeve and is made of a velvet material. it features fabric covered buttons to give it a fun detail. 
  • Midi skirts

    y'all already know we love a midi skirt and what could be a more fun way to incorporate our favorite tees into your holiday looks than slipping into a fun midi skirt? whether you're 100% that grinch or want to remind everyone that santa is ALWAYS watching and does see you when you're drinking, there's a tee/skirt combo for that! this is a super fun to add in animal prints and have the coolest holiday look!

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