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White Elephant Christmas-author Allie Hickam

White Elephant Christmas-author Allie Hickam

Christmas time is almost here and I can hardly contain my excitement over here people! I'm doing a little happy dance just thinking about it! If you're like me (basically a little Christmas elf), Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year! It's filled with all the colorful lights, holiday cheer, Christmas music, egg nog, Hallmark movies, gift wrapping, and of course spending time with family! (I could go on and on and on with this list because it just makes me THAT excited). There is nothing better than getting together and laughing with friends and I right?!

I'm sure you have all heard of a white elephant Christmas party, and most of you have been to one! But if you haven't, then this is the time to get into the holiday spirit and host one yourself! This is the perfect way to spend time and laugh with your favorite people! A white elephant Christmas party is an extravagant, but impractical gift exchange that cannot be easily disposed of. When planning a white elephant Christmas party, there are a few things to consider. 

WHO: Really anyone and everyone can participate in this fun party! But the type of gifts you are exchanging might determine the type of participants you have.



-family gatherings (gender neutral)

-girls night 


PRICE: You can make this any price you would like. The gifts can be anywhere from $0-$25 or even higher if you wanted. Just make sure to let the participants know how much to spend on the gift they are getting so that everyone is putting in the same amount. It wouldn't be fair to purchase a $25 gift and get a $5 gift in it's best to let everyone know before they go out and spend money! 

TYPES OF GIFTS TO EXCHANGE: There are tons of different options to choose from. Just remember to keep in mind the crowd you are having before you purchase a gift. For example, if you are having an all kids white elephant, you wouldn't want to get them a gag gift. Or if you are doing a girls night, you wouldn't want to buy anything for a guy...surely thats obvious though!

-gag gifts: We all know what a gag gift is...hopefully! The possibilities are endless on this, so have fun with it! funny apronhidden flask , funny tea towel, clever cosmetic bag...or you could be the laugh of the party for the rest of the night and get a real life gold fish! My sister did this last year and it was hilarious!! I will never forget it..I just can't wait to see what she shows up with this year!


-fun/useful gifts: These are gifts that still make you laugh but you will actually get a really great use out of! bottle opener, drinking game, keychain flask, coffee mug, canteen, men's buffer

-homemade/DIY/tacky gifts: The possibilities are endless here! Get creative and have fun with it! This could be funny or just a nice gift. Put together a Christmas basket filled with everything to make hot chocolate (Christmas mug, hot cocoa mix, marshmallows, and even a candy cane to top it off..simple, cute and affordable!)

-used gifts: Either laying around your house or in a thrift store. This always makes the game that much more entertaining! Everyone has something laying around their house that they don't want anymore. Maybe it's something you got for Christmas last year that you decided you don't want, or even something silly. In my family, we have that one gift that we keep putting back in our Christmas exchange every year and we have been doing that for about 10 years now. It always make it so fun because it's funny when we see who ends up with it each year! 

-girls night: Enjoy a glass of wine or cocktail with your girls while playing this game! Give a funny gift or just something nice and cute! That is totally up to you, but it always makes for a good laugh when there is at least someone that brings something funny! These gifts will be sure to make your girlfriends laugh! (hidden flask, keychain wallet, cosmetic bag, funny earrings ) Or put together a nice gift basket filled with everything for a perfect spa night (fizz bath soak, face mask, soap sponge trio, bath bomb, teleties and one of our amazing smelling candles!) Or just some cute things that all your girlfriends will love! (Budha girl bracelets, corkcicle, O ring keychain, Christmas tee shirt)


  1. Gifts need to relate to the party theme (gag gift, gender neutral, used gift, etc.)
  2. Gift needs to cost around $___
  3. All gifts should be wrapped
  4. Each person that is participating brings a gift. If you are a couple and you only bring one gift, then you will participate as a team. But if you each bring a gift, then you will both leave with a gift...sounds like a win win to me! 

FOOD: We all know it's not a party unless theres food, am I right?! It's always fun to do a potluck. So everyone brings a different dish...either appetizer, main dish, side or dessert! YUM! A good way to make sure nobody brings the same thing is to either do an Evite or a big group text!


  1. Have everyone raise their hand in the air that brought a gift and is playing in the game. There should be the same number of gifts that there are hands raised. Write that number on small pieces of paper to place in a bowl.
  2. Place all the gifts in the center of the room (make sure they are wrapped) and have everyone gather around.
  3. Each person that is playing will draw a number from the bowl. The participant with the #1 will pick the first gift and they MUST open it. 
  4. Move on to #2 and so forth. Each person can either steal an open gift that they have had their eye on, or choose a new gift from the center of the room and open it. If you choose to steal a gift, then the person you stole it from can either steal from another person or choose a new gift to open. 
  5. The only gift you cannot steal is the gift that was just stolen from you.
  6. Each gift can ONLY be stolen up to 3 times. 
  7. Continue this until everyone has a gift.
  8. Once everyone has a gift, the person that has #1 is able to choose any gift in the room!

Enjoy all the laughter and fun this holiday season! 


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