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how to keep that new years resolution

how to keep that new years resolution

how to keep that new years resolution 2020

new year, new me, you know the drill. it seems like every january the gyms become full, all the salad ingredients are out of stock and everyone's all in on that self-improvement kick until march if they're one of the lucky ones. people don't mean to give up on their new years resolutions, it's just hard to keep the momentum going sometimes! luckily, we're here to help with everything from actual supplies to keep your resolution fun or just tips and tricks when you're wondering where to even begin!

  • set your intentions wisely
    no matter what your new years resolution is, it's important to make sure it's reasonable and rational. it's not always reasonable or even a good idea to lose 20 lbs or drastically change your diet. it'll be easy to become discouraged and ultimately to give up when you've set an unreachable goal. 
  • make your resolution known to others
    maybe you set a resolution in your head every year and then when you don't follow through no one knows about it or you make a joke out of your resolution when asked about it. set your goals and find an accountability system whether it's your co-workers who all have a similar goal or your partner or a group of your friends that you know won't be harsh if you fall off the wagon but will help you get back on track. it's easier to keep striving for your goals if you're not the only one who knows about them.
  • make it fun!
    nothing will make you want to give up on whatever goal you've set like absolutely hating the steps it takes to reach the goal. say you want to lose weight but hate eating right and absolutely loathe working out... odds are you're going to give up pretty fast because you hate the steps you need to take to get that end result. make the steps you need to reach your end goal exciting! if you're trying to lose weight don't show up to gym alone if you hate it, get a group of girls together and go or join a class so they not only make it fun but hold you accountable! 

i don't know about you but i find myself a lot more motivated and excited to take on my goals when i've picked up something new and exciting that's related to what i'm trying to do so here's our best new years resolutions and something fun you can pick up to get motivated!

  • drink more water -> grab a hydro flask, corkcicle or swell bottle! personally i have never drank more water than when i took a hydro flask with me wherever i went! it was weirdly rewarding to say "guys! i've drank 3 full hydro flasks today!"
  • do more self care -> grab a candle, face mask and some super cozy joggers to host that girls night. 
  • travel to new places -> grab some new travel accessories. we have tons of super cute passport holders, luggage tags and even patagonia duffels in stock! perfect to show off on your trips and on the 'gram.
  • spending more time with your family and friends -> we have some the cutest hostess tools imaginable! from fun serving trays to clever bowls for your chips and dips, you're sure to be the hostess with the mostess and rake in the compliments once you put the guac out! in addition to hosting your own gathering, nothing makes a better girls day than stopping by one of our many extended hours events like revel date night, back to school bash and any of our fun open late nights with snacks and wine! grab your girls and hit the town!

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