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Valentine's Date Night on a Budget-author Allie Hickam

Valentine's Date Night on a Budget-author Allie Hickam

Valentine's Day is a day to celebrate love, romance and being together. And, it's just around the corner, which means it's time to start planning your romantic date for your sweetie! At times, it can be hard to find a romantic, yet affordable date with your love on Valentine's Day. But, you don't have to spend hundreds of dollars on a date to let them know you love them (they already know you do silly). There are so many romantic, yet affordable dates that your babe will love and will make them feel extra spoiled all day long! No matter what Valentine's date you choose, you and your man will be sure to have a great day/night to remember!

Breakfast in bed: Start off your morning by waking up early and make him breakfast in bed with waffles or pancakes in the shape of a heart (and girly, don't be afraid to add some pink and red food coloring for some extra fun), a sweet love letter, and of course a mimosa! This will kick off all the romantic feels to start off his day! 

Scavenger hunt: This is always a really fun and romantic date! Have an envelope with the first clue sitting somewhere where he will easily see it. Each clue will lead him somewhere different with little treats along the way and he will eventually end up to where you are. You can make this as simple or hard as you would like. When he reaches the last clue, you could be standing at the first place you went on your first date, your favorite restaurant to go to together, etc. He will love this one! 

One date for every month: This is the date that just keeps on giving every month for a full year! Who doesn't love surprises all year long?! I did this with my husband for our first Valentine's together and he still says that was the neatest gift! Get creative and have fun with it! What you'll need is 12 pieces of colorful paper and fun stickers to go along with your theme of that months date. Pick out a fun date for each month and write it on the paper with your stickers. For example, one month could be, picnic and zoo for me and you. You have the entire month to complete this date, so you could do the picnic and zoo on the same day, or space them out and do them on different days of that month. Make it personal and choose things that he would really love! Give him the booklet you made him so he can see all the neat dates he has to look forward too for the year!

Dinner date night in: If you are like me and my husband, we love just staying in and making our own romantic dates! Start off your evening by going to the grocery store together and picking out some yummy things you want to cook for dinner and of course a perfect bottle of wine to enjoy. You can never go wrong with filet mignon and a baked potato, a fancy pasta and garlic bread, or get really creative and make a homemade pizza in the shape of a heart. This is my personal favorite and always makes for a fun (and cheesy) date! Turn on the music, light some candles and open up that bottle of wine girl! After dinner, cuddle up on the couch and binge watch your favorite Netflix show, or give him that massage he is always wanting! 

Fondue at home: Valentine's Day and fondue seem like they were just meant to be together...just like you and your man! If you don't want to get out of the house, then stay in and heat things up with melted cheese and chocolate! There are so many delicious foods to choose from that will make this date a lot of fun! Say CHEESE! Start it off with melted cheese fondue and pair it will all your favorite things like bread, precooked meats cut into cubes, veggies, and soft pretzel bites. Spice your cheese up a bit and add finely chopped jalapeno and bacon bits to the top! Now for my favorite part...the DESSERT! This will be sure to make your sweetie melt in a heartbeat! Heat up your chocolate and dip all your favorite desserts into it like raspberries, blueberries, bananas, pineapple chunks, marshmallows, or cheesecake bites. Instead of making chocolate covered strawberries for your man, make them together with your fondue and decorate them with your favorite toppings such as: pink and red sprinkles, crumbled oreos, nuts, chocolate chips, or any other toppings you enjoy! 

Build a romanic fort: Bring out your inner child with this easy to plan date night! Pull out all your cozy blankets and pillows and snuggle up together on the floor while watching a romantic Valentine's movie. To make this date more lovey-dovey, line your fort with candles and string lights, sprinkle rose petals around you, have a cheese board, popcorn and chocolate (because whats Valentine's Day without chocolate?!) in the middle to snack on and a chilled bottle of bubbly! If you don't feel like watching a movie, have some music on in the background and enjoy a cozy evening of snuggles and playing board games!

Sushi and ice skating: Going out and getting sushi is always a fun thing to do and it can be pretty inexpensive depending on the rolls that you choose. After sushi, go to an ice skating rink and skate the night away while holding hands and warming up with a cup of hot chocolate! 

Winery or brewery: Simple yet romantic! Get a flight and try different wines and beers together. Most of them will have some light snacks or chocolates that will pair nicely with each wine or beer! After your finished, purchase a bottle of your favorite wine to take home and save it for next Valentine's!

Appetizers, drinks, dinner & dessert at different places: This is one of my favorite dates that I took my hubby on! We decided that each place we chose had to be a restaurant that neither of us had been to before, that way we are both trying something new (makes it more fun that way)! You get full really fast with all the food, so we shared one appetizer, entree and dessert between the two of us. If you're on a budget, this helps since you are basically just ordering for one person. It makes for a really fun and adventurous Valentine's date with you love and you might even end up finding your new favorite restaurant! 

So this Valentine's Day, just remember, you don't need to spend a lot to have the perfect date with your loved one! Making Valentine's Day memorable can be free or cost just a little. They will love anything you do for them and will feel so special and loved all day! Now, get to planning your special day for your man and get ready for all the hugs and smooches, girly!

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