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Currently Obsessed - You need some of these brands in your closet!

Revel brings the Big City Brands to  Small Town Missouri. We offer over 50 national brands under one roof! Brands that have a reputation and sustainability behind them.  When you buy a national brand you get quality for your dollar and support after the purchase. Just a few. of our national brands that you can choose from are Free People, Levi's, Daydreamer, Charlie Southern, Friday + Saturday, Queen of Sparkles, Show Me Your MuMu, Alohas, Dolce Vita, Budhagirl, Lisi Lerch, Sahira, Girl Dangerous,  Tart by Taylor, Billini, Birdie,  Bogg Bag, Patagonia, Hydro Flask, Boyish, Caryn Lawn, Camper, Gola, Chinese Laundry, Daze, Pistola, Fanco, Farrah B, Bracha, Hoo Hoops, Hidden, J.Marie, Judith March, Jules Kae, Lanhtropy, LivyLu, Mersea, Naked Feet, O-Venture, Peepers, Pixie Mood, Qalo, Recycled Karma, Saachi, Shu Shop, Seychelles, Wild Pony, Traffic People, Commando, Kitsch, Letterfolk, Spongelle, Capri Blue, Bella Tunno, and more being adding weekly to our collection.

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  1. Sahira: Chloe Mini Hoop - Silver