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Trunk Show

Meet our trunk show lines! These exclusive brands are only at Revel for a limited time & once they're gone, they're gone FOREVER! Many of these high-end lines are imported from Spain, Italy & Paris for those on-trend, ahead of the curve styles you've come to love at Revel!

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  1. Sale
  2. Gracie Quilted Hobo Bag - Black
  3. Sale
  4. Kennedy Stripe Scarf - Navy/Red/Green
  5. Kennedy Stripe Scarf - Charcoal/Red/Green
  6. Gracie Quilted Hobo Bag - Green
  7. Sale
  8. Gracie Quilted Hobo Bag - Teal
  9. Willow Camera Crossbody Bag - Pink
  10. Willow Camera Crossbody Bag - Navy
  11. Willow Camera Crossbody Bag - Cream
  12. Cold Morning Houndstooth Scarf
  13. Sale
  14. Willow Camera Crossbody Bag - Blush
  15. Sylvia Hat - Camel
  16. Sylvia Hat - Black
  17. Willow Camera Crossbody Bag - Red